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ProSoft Technology has helped you realize the benefits of the Industrial Internet of Things, Industrie 4.0, and Smart Industry since 1990. With ProSoft Connect, our cloud-native platform, we can help you gain additional value from the IIoT for years to come.

ProSoft Connect adds a layer of safety that no one else does with

Virtual Lockout-Tagout™ (vLOTO™)

ProSoft Connect’s first-of-its-kind, groundbreaking vLOTO capability allows dynamic authorizations for a specific period of time, and grants end users greater control in determining access. This level of permission increases the safety of your connections. By being able to virtually lock out remote access to a machine while maintenance or other essential tasks are underway, you can protect your equipment from unauthorized connections that could inadvertently cause harm.

With Virtual Lockout-Tagout, authorized personnel can approve or deny a request to access an ICX35-HWC or PLX35-NB2 gateway. The person granting the request does not need to be a ProSoft Connect user, and a request by one authorizer can be overridden by another authorizer. Up to three people or groups can control these authorizations to each machine, and a detailed audit trail notes who granted permission.

vLOTO is included in all Power User Plans. Click here to learn more about becoming a ProSoft Connect Power User!


ProSoft Connect uses a layered approach to security.

  • Uses your PC’s operating system VPN, minimizing the need for user-installed software
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Email and token-based, which is more secure than SMS-based methods
  • Uses industry standard HTTPS for all communications
  • Requires a certificate and one-time use keys to authenticate the gateways
  • Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP)/IPSec and Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol (SSTP) support increases VPN security, and allows you to see your remote devices rather than try to remember them
  • System vulnerability tested regularly by third-party company
  • Runs on Amazon Web Services, which uses advanced cloud security technology

How it helps you...

Reduce the risk of cyber-attack: No user-installed software means that your employees won't have to spend time, energy, and money on updating systems ‐ or fixing things if the in-house update hits a snag. You can instead focus on your work and leave the maintenance of the platform up to ProSoft's experts.

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Security Considerations for Industrial Remote Access Solutions - Download White Paper!


System integrators, OEMs, and large end users in particular will appreciate the freedom that ProSoft Connect offers when it comes to monitoring remote equipment. With ProSoft Connect, it doesn't matter where you are.

  • All you need is an internet connection

How it helps you...

Save time and money: By being able to monitor and troubleshoot your control equipment in real time from anywhere in the world, you reduce your travel expenses and your associated time.

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The Web-based interface is intuitive and was created based on customer input. The platform eliminates your need to obtain a static, public IP address from your cell carrier in order to access devices. ProSoft Connect uses EasyBridge™ technology, which enables your PC to act like it is connected directly to a local switch on the remote network, allowing software tools such as Studio 5000, Unity, TIA Portal, and many more to work without having to deal with any routing. The wired gateway can be enabled and disabled via an EtherNet/IP™ message from your HMI or PLC. The platform eliminates your need to obtain a static, public IP address when using the cellular gateway. Until "Star Trek" transporters exist, ProSoft Connect is your next best option.

How it helps you...

Improve efficiency: Use your PLC vendor's programming tools without worrying about compatibility issues or learning how to set up complex routed network connections. Use the software’s discovery tools to browse connected devices, instead of trying to remember the IP address of each device on your remote network.

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Customized Management

Maybe you need to add some members of your team to one remote access project but not to another. Or you're a machine builder or system integrator who needs to add access for your customer to their equipment but keep them away from another client’s project. You could need to access all projects.

As the number of service agreements increases, it is essential for OEMs and SIs to organize and control access to each client’s work. ProSoft Connect enables both via scalable subscription-based user plans.

In ProSoft Connect, your company is one Organization, and depending on your plan, you can have a number of Projects, which can represent different clients. Groups can be created within your Organization to help you organize access. Need to give a client access to their project? You can set it up where they have access to just their information, ensuring the security of your other clients' work. Need to access many projects? One login can be used, saving you time.

Multiple concurrent connections allow for some flexibility when more than one person needs to connect to a gateway.

The platform keeps an audit trail of all activities, activations, and logins, and it can be exported for compliance purposes.

SIs and OEMs can use ProSoft Connect to optimize their resources:

  • Offer remote troubleshooting as an additional revenue stream
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting from a central location helps machine builders and system integrators reduce travel support budgets
  • Being able to provide ownership controls and Layer 2 security via ProSoft Connect – and an alternative to IT services – can help increase sales.

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How do you get started?

ProSoft Connect works with our ICX35-HWC Industrial Cellular Gateway and PLX35-NB2 Network Bridge. If you will be utilizing the Industrial Cellular Gateway, you need to purchase a gateway, add a cellular data plan, and sign up for an account at If you have wired access to the Internet, you can purchase the Network Bridge, skip the data plan, and sign up for an account. We’re working on bringing other ProSoft solutions to the platform as well, including devices from in-chassis, gateway, and other wireless solution families.

Connect Enabled Products:

ICX35-HWC (Cellular)
PLX35-NB2 (Wired)

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Success Stories

Oil and gas company now remotely monitoring operation

"ProSoft Connect allows my team to remotely access our systems, eliminating significant drive time while improving system operation."

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Monitoring Italian water treatment plants from Canada

Novus s.r.l. wanted to monitor its Milan water treatment plants from its headquarters in Canada. With a remote access solution, they can now oversee the control of sensors in the plants without hopping on a plane.

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Romania water company sees dual benefits

A water company needed to get information from its pumping and water treatment stations using ProSoft’s cellular remote access solution. Its protocol flexibility was a bonus.

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Monitoring a city’s remote lift stations

A West Coast city’s wastewater division had to make sure its five remote lift stations were working correctly. With the addition of six cellular remote access solutions, they’re able to monitor their equipment from a computer, thanks to ProSoft Connect, and have reduced transportation costs.

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Making sure packaged electrical equipment keeps cool

A major oil and gas company with a location in Kazakhstan needed to ensure the cooling of its packaged electrical equipment. This required costly site visits by the system integrator. Now, the company’s EtherNet/IP-based controller, with the help of ProSoft’s cellular remote access solution, sends an alarm to a maintenance employee’s cell phone. The result? Operating costs have been reduced by 50 percent.

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