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About Us

In 1990 a dream became a reality. ProSoft Technology was born two years after the late founder and President Douglas Sharratt came to a realization. He needed a way for his Rockwell PLC processors to communicate with a SCADA host via Modbus protocol. More than twenty years later, what started out as a dream has grown to a worldwide operation with our automation solutions linking dissimilar automation products in nearly every industry.  While we have earned numerous awards over the years, some of which are listed in the Industry Recognition section of this page, our affirmation is the positive feedback we receive from industry leaders. We provide total solutions with quality products developed with the end-users in mind, well respected brand awareness and industry leading technical support.

Who We Are

At ProSoft Technology our primary focus is to provide connectivity solutions that link dissimilar automation products. In everything we do, the products we develop and the services we offer, we consider quality a priority.

Where We Are

ProSoft Technology has regional offices around the globe along with worldwide distribution.

Our Vision

ProSoft Technology with our partners optimize industrial productivity with innovative communication solutions.