Regional Tech Support
Regional Technical Support

Getting the best results to your technical support needs is as easy as 1 2 3. By following these three steps, you will get the results you need as quickly and completely as possible.

 1. Check our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
 2. Ask our online Knowledge Base technical questions in basic English language
 3. Contact our Technical support team directly

ProSoft Technology guarantees your complete satisfaction. To achieve this, we back all products with unlimited technical support.

Support is available internationally by phone and email. We are able to respond to support inquiries in the following languages: English, Spanish, French, Chinese and Portuguese.

Technical support can be accessed worldwide from the following regions

North America
Languages spoken: English, Spanish

[email protected]

Europe / Middle East / Africa
Languages spoken: French, Russian

+ (French/English)
[email protected]

Asia Pacific
Languages spoken: Chinese, English

[email protected]

Latin America (Brasil)
Languages spoken: Portuguese, English

[email protected]

Latin America (Spanish Speaking Countries)
Languages spoken: Spanish, English

[email protected]