ProSoft Connect

PLC Remote Access

ProSoft Connect is a secure, cloud-native service optimized for highly reliable performance. Connect allows you to establish communications with your machines anywhere in the world. Using Connect’s unique EasyBridge™ technology, your automation programming tools (such as Studio 5000, Unity Pro, TIA Portal, and many more) can talk directly to the automation devices without the need to setup IP routing or other complicated communications settings.

EasyBridge is just like being plugged in to the local switch. Connect uses standard security protocols including HTTPS and IPsec to ensure that your system is protected.




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Technical Specifications


All communications with the ProSoft Connect service use HTTPS for site authentication and data encryption. Gateways are activated in Connect using a twostep authentication. All gateway connections are initiated by the gateway to prevent a spoofed service from initiating a gateway connection. No user-installed software is required, which eliminates potential “watering hole” attacks and time-consuming software patch maintenance for the user.

VPN tunneling

EasyBridge™ Secure Remote Access provides an AES256 encrypted Layer 2 VPN connection between the user's PC and the network connected to the Connect gateway. VPN uses the OS-native L2TP client with IPSec encryption to minimize possible security vulnerabilities of user-installed third-party VPN client software.


The ProSoft Connect account administrator can invite team members to join the account. Each team member has a user name and password.

Concurrent connections

ProSoft Connect supports one concurrent EasyBridge connection. Additional concurrent connections will be available in the future.

Access control

Access control for users is managed by the account administrator. Team members are assigned rights to administer, connect and configure gateways, or to connect only.

Ethernet/cellular connections

Outbound connections from gateways use HTTPS only. Client VPN connections use L2TP via ports 500, 4500 and 1701.

PC client software

User-installed software is not required for Connect. Connect is compatible with current versions of Chrome and Internet Explorer 10 or later. EasyBridge uses the OS-native L2TP client software. Windows 7 or later is recommended.


ProSoft Connect works with the ICX35-HWC Industrial Cellular Gateway and the PLX35-NB2 Network Bridge