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Improving communications – and conserving energy – at a water treatment plant

19 Ott, 2018 / Storie di successo

There’s a beautiful wooded area close to one of the largest cities in Poland, with abou...

Come si può essere certi che la soluzione di connettività remota sia sicura?

12 Ott, 2018 / Focus tecnologico

Probabilmente avrete già sentito parlare di alcuni dei vantaggi di una soluzione di con...

What You Need to Consider for Your Wireless Network

05 Ott, 2018 / White papers

Wireless communications have been on the industrial automation scene for a while but th...

Rugged ProSoft radios provide seamless wireless solution on Thyssenkrupp shiploader system at the Port of Durban

02 Ott, 2018 / Storie di successo

The Port of Durban is South Africa’s premier multi-cargo port and, strategically positi...

Eliminating Crashes in an Ecuador Automotive Plant

By ProSoft Technology Marketing categoria Storie di successo, Settore Auto Ethernet Networks Wireless

We’ve all seen car crashes. Most of us have had one or two in our lifetime. But imagine a car crash where neither car has a steering wheel, or wheels of any sort. Hard to picture [...]

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In-chassis, wireless improvements help oil and gas company increase ROI

By Lauren Robeson - Global Communications Specialist categoria Storie di successo, Ethernet Networks Modbus Idrocarburi Accesso remoto

Slawson Exploration has a rich history of dynamic growth in the oil and gas industry. Dating back to 1957, the private firm has been a leader in petroleum exploration and production, with its operations spanning from California to Texas [...]

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Can a Micro800 PLC communicate with ProSoft EtherNet/IP solutions?

By Romain Timmer - Technical Support Engineer categoria Focus tecnologico, Ethernet Networks In-chassis

Rockwell Automation® developed an Add-On Instruction to allow the Micro800 PLC to communicate with MicroLogix™, SLC™, and PLC® CPUs on Ethernet [...]

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